Sept 04      EC_0278_2430_ The Case For Christ Film_Brian Bird

In this interview with Brian Bird (Producer) about the film The Case For Christ we learn about  Lee Strobel (Mike Vogel) an award-winning, investigative reporter. He earns a promotion to legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. Things at home aren't going nearly as well. Young people can be encouraged by this heart-warming story.

Sept 05      EC_0105_2430_The Battered Christian Syndrome_Dr. Rose Gamblin & Paul Tooley

What is the Battered Christian Syndrome? What are some strategies for avoiding the battered Christian syndrome? Dr. Gamblin and Paul Tooley share some of their battering experiences and at the same time give ways for strengthening one’s Christian walk.

Sept 11      EC_0279_2430_ PULSE_Nick Hall

Be inspired by this interview with Nick Hall, who launched PULSE as a college junior. What started with prayers from a few students is now one of the largest student-led evangelism movements in history.

Sept 12       EC_0106_2430_Healing-the-Family_Dr Richard Tooley_remixed

What are some of the things you can do to make your family more functional? Dr. Richard Tooley and Paul discuss the breakdown of the American family and strategies for putting it back together again.

Sept 18      EC_0280_2430_ Pioneer Clubs in Cuba_Brian Ondracek

In September 2015, Ondracek joined a team from his church on a trip to Cuba. At the last minute, he thought to bring the Pioneer Clubs’ Spanish curriculum to see if it might be useful there. After seeing the material, church leaders in Cuba welcomed the idea. Listen as Brian Ondracek shares his story with Dr. Gamblin.

 Sept 19      EC_0107_2430_Keep Your Child Grounded_Dr Richard Tooley_remixed

How do you keep your child grounded in your family values once they go off to school? Dr. Richard and Paul Tooley discuss different ways families can keep their children physically, spiritually, and academically safe in a secular environment.


Sept 25      EC_0281_2430_ EC_MZ000036_EC_Lighthouse Faith_Laurne Green

 Sept 26      EC_????_2430 _ EC_0108_2430_Ken Spiro 

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